BlogHoster v3.0 On Hold

March 19, 2010

As many of you have noticed, the latest version of BlogHoster was not released as we had anticipated. We ran into several critical issues during programming and we are working through those before we can release the software to our users. Unfortunately, we our programming resources are stretched to the limit right now and there just aren't the necessary resources available to properly finish the programming behind the 3.0 upgrade.

That said, BlogHoster v3.0 is still in the plans at some point in the future. A lot of programming work has already gone into the project and we intend to finish the upgrade when we are able to. We greatly apoligize for the delay in the release of v3.0. Those of you that have submitted feature requests and suggestions, we greatly appreciate your input. We are trying to incorporate as many of these suggestions as possible into the launch of 3.0 which will be as soon as possible.

BlogHoster v3.0 Coming Soon

September 7, 2009

Last month we mentioned that we had a new development team working on a fresh release of BlogHoster for the near future. I am excited to let you all know that the new version of BlogHoster (v3.0) is expected to be released later this month. We have been hard at work adding new features and fixing some performance and security issues from the current version of BlogHoster and we are testing many of these new features out right now.

Keep checking back throughout the month as we will be adding new information about the features that will be included in BlogHoster v3.0 in anticipation of its release. If there is a parrticular feature that you would like to see included, please send us a support ticket with your suggestion.

BlogHoster Has New Project Manager

August 11, 2009

We're happy to announce that BlogHoster product support and development will be headed by a new project manager effective this August, 2009. In an effort to improve product features and support, Splashpress Media has appointed Justin Scarborough as the new project manager for BlogHoster.

This change in management should result in far improved product support and faster implementation of product fixes and upgrades. Justin and his team will work hard to ensure your support issues are answered as quickly as possible. We are also working on a new release of BlogHoster that will have some great new features and performance enhancements.

BlogHoster 2.8 Released

Dec 14, 2008

Good news to BlogHoster users. Version 2.8 has been released, and is now available for download in the client area. The changes and fixes in this version include:

Version 2.8 also has six new templates designed by Design Disease, which we have named Aquamarine, Torn Paper, Clean & Clear, Wallpaper, Spectrum and Rose.

Current users can download the 2.6 to 2.8 upgrade from the client area, while a full version is also available for download to new licensees, or current users who wish to do a full reinstall.

BlogHoster Under New Management

Nov 18, 2008

We're happy to announce that BlogHoster is under a new management team effective this November, 2008. Still under parent company Splashpress Media, the new team is now headed by J. Angelo Racoma and Randy Nivales.

Angelo manages the network's creative and marketing aspects, while Randy heads web development. Both have been previously involved in developing, running and marketing large-scale hosted blogging services, so we are assured that the new team has experience and can apply best practices to the management, development and support of BlogHoster.

A new version is in the works, and several new design templates have been uploaded. We will be announcing exciting changes soon. But for now, we are focusing on improving support for the existing userbase.

Arg..! The importance of backups

Oct 9, 2008
We've just recovered from a hard disk failure at our current host, which means we've lost much of the data from the last 9 months on our website. This does not affect the product or customer data/information but you will notice we have lost updates on this website and any news during this time. We're now buying redundancy for the website to avoid this happening again. In other news work continues on a new update 2.8 and behind the scenes our laboratories of code monkeys continue to conjure up magic for the eventual release of Bloghoster v3.0!

Forums Back, New Developers and New Features... Oh My!

July 19, 2007
We have some big news to share, BlogHoster has some new owners! Splashpress Media has taken the reigns and their developers have been getting into the BlogHoster code for the last week. We want to hear from you over at the forum - what features do you want to see? What bugs have you found? How can we make BlogHoster even more awesome? What is the square root of 3,578?

Forums Converted into Knowledgebase

April 16, 2007
In the spirit of fighting spam, piracy, and improving customer support, we have converted the message forums into a searchable knowledgebase. This database of questions, answers, and discussions about BlogHoster is only fully available to BlogHoster clients. The knowledgebase also contains extra tools and resources such as customer-made modifications and templates. If you have encountered an issue with your BlogHoster installation, be sure to search the knowledgebase before submitting a support ticket - it's likely that your issue has already been addressed.

BlogHoster v2.6 Released

April 16, 2007
We have released BlogHoster 2.6. This update includes more necessary bug fixes and updates that will improve the overall performance of your BH installations. Most importantly, we've fixed the spam/security related problems that have been reported recently. For those of you running older versions of BlogHoster, you can download the 2.6 update from the client area.

BlogHoster v2.5 Released

March 1, 2007
The BlogHoster 2.5 update has been released. This update includes a number of long-awaited bug fixes and updates that should have all of your BH installations running more smoothly. Special thanks to all the BH admins that contributed fixes to this version, and to Stirling for putting everything together. A fresh forum will be created for this version, and some of the old forums will be archived.

BlogHoster v2.4 Released

November 20, 2006
We've just released the BlogHoster 2.4 patch. This update should fix the issues that have popped up since the 2.3 update as a result of the new features we added. Be sure to make a backup of your files when you update, and also be sure to correctly replace your files on your server. No update.php is necessary, so this should be a simple update for everyone.

BlogHoster v2.3 Released

November 6, 2006
On behalf of Charlotte and myself, I'm thrilled to announce that 2.3 is finished and ready to be installed for your eager blogger denizens. Thanks especially to Charlotte's sweat and blood, this upgrade contains a number of long-awaited fixes and improvements. I'll likely get carpel-tunnel syndrome if I type them out here, so I'll just refer to the changelog. The new 2.3 zip and the 2.2->2.3 upgrade zip are available for download from the client area - get them while they are hot!

Forums Semi-Privatized

August 4, 2006
Due to popular demand, some of the forums within the BlogHoster Community have been made private. Only licensed BlogHoster customers will have access to these forums. If you are a current customer and want to gain access, please login to the client area and update your profile.

Example Portal Package Released

June 26, 2006
We have created a zip containing three example portal templates and posted it as a free download in the client area. Our hope is that these will help BH admins create their own customized portals. These three examples are fully compatible with any version of BlogHoster 2. The PHP and HTML is kept seperate and is fully commented to make customizations a bit easier. We hope this helps you all continue to improve your BH-powered communities. Be sure to read through the readme!

BlogHoster v2.2 Released

April 26, 2006
We've released BH 2.2 this evening, along with an update package for those of you still running BH 2.1. This update contains fixes for most of the issues reported on the discussion boards. We hope you enjoy the new version - we will continue to bring you our best!

BH 1.21 -> 2.1 Update Beta Released

February 21, 2006
The leap between BH 1.21 and 2.1 was huge. BH 2.1 is a completely new product, with a dizzying number of new features, database changes, and so forth. We have released the long-awaited 1.21 -> 2.1 update script, which is downloadable within the client area.

BlogHoster v2.1 Released

January 4, 2006
The next version of BlogHoster, along with an update zip, has been released. This upgrade will fix the bugs found in the initial 2.0 release, and should help those of you with subdomain URL issues. Next, we will be working on the 1.21 to 2.1 upgrade script. Stay tuned!

BlogHoster v2.0 Released

December 1, 2005
Our team is happy to announce that the long-awaited BlogHoster 2.0 has been released. This is the largest update we have ever made, including an entirely new frontend, multi-weblogs, and dozens of other features that have been requested by the BH community. The full 2.0 zip file is now available for download in the client area, but the 1.21 -> 2.0 update script has not yet been created. When this becomes available, we will post it in the client area as well. We are amazed by the amount of feedback we have received from the BH community during the development and beta testing of BH 2.0, and we are very happy to see BH evolving into such an interesting project.

BlogHoster v1.20 Released

June 5, 2005
The BH team has just released v1.20 along with the v1.12 to v1.20 update script. Many of you will be pleased to know that this update adds the much requested trackback capabilities and uploadable avatars. Also, among other additions, advertisement HTML can now be different among your various user groups and individual user accounts can be suspended.

BlogHoster v1.10 Released

May 11, 2005
I am proud to announce that we've released BlogHoster v1.1, including an update package for those of you that are running v1.05. This update includes a number of new features, including entry categories, interest keywords, email address, user links, spam protection for comments, several bug fixes, and many other highly requested additions.

Press: Web Host Industry Review

May 3, 2005
We were recently notified of a mention of BlogHoster in the April/May edition of the Web Host Industry Review. The text reads: "Webligo recently released BlogHoster, software designed to enable web hosts to employ blog hosting services. The latest version comes with several new features, including user groups, subdirectory URLs, file uploading, pinging, email address verification, weblog categories, banning, word filtering and improved advertisement insertion." (P. 10)

200th License Purchased

April 28, 2005
Today, the 200th BlogHoster license was purchased. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have purchased BlogHoster since its first release last December. Your unwavering support and constructive criticism have helped BlogHoster become what it is today.

BlogHoster v1.05 Released

March 3, 2005
We are happy to bring you BlogHoster v1.05. In this version, we've included fixes for all known issues as well as several new features. Easy update instructions have also been released for v1.04 users.

Webligo Partners with Chitika

February 7, 2005
Webligo Developments has formed a partnership with Chitika, Inc., a leading context-driven online advertising network. Chitika's BlogContext service gives BlogHoster administrators the ability to place contextually-targeted advertisements on their users' weblogs. Because only ads that are relevant to the weblogs' content are shown, this model generates extraordinary response rates. Also, unlike competitor ad networks, Chitika's BlogContext can even syndicate ads through your users' RSS feeds. We are confident that BlogContext will be useful to BlogHoster customers.

BlogHoster v1.04 Released

February 6, 2005
After a thorough four weeks of taking suggestions from the BlogHoster community and creating new features, the development team is proud to release BlogHoster v1.04. Dozens of new features and improvements have been included in this version, making it our most extensive update yet. Among the new features are user groups, subdirectory URLs, file uploading, pinging, email address verification, weblog categories, banning, word filtering, improved advertisement insertion, and more. An update script will be released for v1.03 users within the week.

Press: Pasadena Star News

January 12, 2005
We are delighted to report that an article about BlogHoster appeared in today's Pasadena Star News. The article, titled "Blogging Brainiacs," gives a very brief overview about the product and the beginnings of our company. It also detailed the case study we are planning with the University of Redlands over the next several months.

BlogHoster v1.03 Released, Launched

January 10, 2005
The BlogHoster website is now complete, and the discussion boards are online. Feel free to register and begin posting your questions, suggestions, modifications, etc. Additionally, you can now order BlogHoster directly from this website. We are also excited to bring you RSS feeds and a number of other great features in the new version (v1.03) released today. Have a look at the changelog for details on all of the new features included in v1.03.

BlogHoster v1.02 Released

December 1, 2004
BlogHoster v1.02, the first purchasable version, has been released. The package now includes complete installation instructions and an install script which walks you through the installation process. BlogHoster can be ordered from BlogHoster has a very strong development future - we plan to continue creating new features as the program becomes more popular. You can keep track of the changes we make between versions with our changelog.

November 22, 2004 - Testing Begins

November 22, 2004
The development of BlogHoster v1.0 has ended, and testing has begun. We plan to add several features before the official release.